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where they will proceed to hold on their enterprise in all its branches. Maps, plans, drawings of equipment, architectural and landscape drawings, circulars, payments of lading, bills of trade, bill heads, scrip, labels, enterprise and visiting cards, &c., lithographed in every number of style with neatness and dispatch. MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 10, And until further notice. MARIAN WILLIS’S FORMOSA COMBINATION .

Solo – Clarionet – BEARMANN [sic]- Mr. Gatland . July 6th [unnamed] male, [son of] Thomas Gatland, musician, Isabella MELODIA and Jane Hillan [signed] Thos. SIX GRAND PROMENADE CONCERTS, A LA JULIEN, At the Exchange, King William-street.

The performances last evening at this well-liked place of amusement commenced with Shakspere’s tragedy of “Hamlet,” by which Mr. Warner totally sustained the impression made by his first impersonation of thee character. The piece was as properly placed on the stage as could be expected in a provincial theatre, and handed off with great eclat.

Isabella MELODIA

Our current limits will only enable us to state, that no expense appears to have been spared by the proprietor, nor any effort uncared for by the supervisor in his department. To Mr. Gibbs and Messrs. Howson nice credit is due for their arrangement of the score, and that the vocal performers executed their a number of songs, &c., in a passable method, was absolutely proved by the plaudits they received all through. The opera might be repeated this night, and we will enueavour in our subsequent issue to notice extra particalurly this far-famed manufacturing.

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Have arrived, and will give a SERIES OF CONCERTS AT THE CORNWALL ROOMS, Commencing on MONDAY EVENING, NOV. 12TH, 1860, Consisting of Songs, Duetts, Chorusses, Burlesques, Dances, Instrumental Solos, &c., &c. OUR OWN MINSTRELS, Messrs. PORTER, SILVAIN, STEVENSON, and GERMONE, WILL shortly go to Collector, Bungendore, Queanbeyan, Cooma, Bombala, Nimitybelle, & en path to the Snowy River, at which place they’re about to erect a theatre,

this devotion of every college of the mental and emotional part of our nature to the work in hand, is indispensable to the success of a composer who would rise above mediocrity. The style of Mr. Gibbs’s cantata is decidedly ecclesiastical. Half a dozen anthems could be constructed from its supplies. Generally talking, there’s a skilful interfusion of the emotions expressed by the words and the music. It is, we think, deficient in melodic magnificence, the solos being rather of a declamatory character. The choruses are full, resonant, and galvanizing, though the greater part of them look like in the minor mode.

JOSEPH T. B. GIBBS. (Gibbs, Shallard, & Co., Sydney.) The enterprise in Melbourne might be carried out as heretofore, by the stated William Clarson and Alfred Massina, beneath the old type of “Clarson, Massina, & Co.,” who can pay accounts owing and receive moneys due. The business in Sydney shall be carried out as heretofore by the mentioned Joseph Gibbs and Joseph T. Shallard, underneath the old fashion of ” Gibbs, Shallard, & Co.,” who will pay accounts owing and receive moneys due.

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Some months in the past we were honored with a go to from no less a personage than M. Glogoski between two and three o’clock in the morning, with the quantity of harm enclosed – however alas, we now have never seen M. Glogoski, programme, or bill, from that day to this .

John Lewis Jacobs. Apparently attesting to his instrumental proficiency, he went on to perform in concerts for Spencer Wellington Wallace, playing a solo work by Heinrich Baermann (or his son Carl Baermann), and by early 1851 was himself leader of the band at Charles Axtelle’s circus in Currie-street.

Knew Mr. Hogue for many years; at all times discovered him a sincere and really sober man; by no means heard anything bad of him; keeps a very respectable house. Mr. Purefoy called as witnesses, Valentine Bridekirk, George Achurch, Thomas Abbott, the Rev. Frederick Wilkinson, William Lowe. Mr. Gabb, an old and experienced leader of orchestras, had been chosen leader of the society;

specifically, after the fashion of Jullien’s celebrated promenade live shows, which were attended with such unexampled success throughout a number of years in London . The last of the series of concert events given for charitable purposes, by the band of H.M. 50th Regiment, occurred, last evening, for the advantage of the Sydney Infirmary. The attendance was not so massive as might have been expected.